Barškuliai farmstead inside rules


    Arrival and departure

    Rent time is from 14:00 until 12:00 of the next day irrespective of arrival time to the farmstead.

    When coming to the farmstead the guests pay full rent price; and the owner writes a financial document. If the guests stay not for the full time, the paid sum shall not be returned.

    A client (customer of the farmstead) shall be obliged to: get acquainted with fire preventing; safe behaviour and farmstead usingrules, sign and inform the accompanying persons thereof.

    Dishes, cutlery and equipment, which was used shall be left in order and clean.

    Do not litter in the territory of the farmstead.

    When coming with pets, it is necessary to take care of clean surroundings.

    Before leaving the farmstead, present the premises and material inventory to the owner.

    Use of sauna

    The customer shall be obliged to take responsibility for the use of premises and sauna (appropriate selection of heat, etc.).

    The service provider („Barškuliai“ farmstead ) shall not be obliged for any accidents, health disorders or personal belongings.

    Using equipment and inventory

    The customer shall be obliged to:

    - ensure order for his/her own purposes in the used premises; clean cutlery, dishes and place it in order;

    - use premises, cutlery and equipment only according to their purpose;

    - neatly use electric appliances, do not allow children to use it. Do not leave switched electric appliances, audio or video equipment unattended;

    - do not leave electric stove unattended; unplug it after use;

    - save and protect sports and free time spending inventory; and use it according to its purpose; return it to its place after use.

    Noise management; disturbance of public peace

    The customer shall be obliged to take responsibility with regard to the order established by the Code of Administrative Violations of the Republic of Lithuania.


    The customer shall be obliged to compensate all damages; which shall be encountered by the service provider in the buildings of the farmstead, premises; disorder of things, sanitary and engineering equipment, appliances or other objects, which appeareddue to the fault of the customer or other service providers, ordered by the customer.

    When the customer receives agreement of the service provider to order other services; the customer shall be responsible for other services providers and shall be obliged to cover all damages, which appeared due to the fault of provision of such ordered services.

    Responsibility of guests:

    - behave without any danger to his/her own and other guests’ health and life;
    - guests shall be responsible for their brought food quality, freshness and safety to their health ;
    - guests shall be completely responsible for damaged movable and immovable property in the territory of the farmstead ( the damage shall be covered with regard to the order established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania);

    - if the damages in the territory of the farmstead appeared due to the fault of juveniles, they shall be covered by parents or foster-parents;

    - in case of injury of a customer or his/her children due to their own fault or the fault of their guests; or in case of damage of his/her own property due to negligence and violation of safe resting and sports conditions, the owner of the farmstead shall not take any responsibility for the injury or damage;

    - the main customer of the service shall take the responsibility for the noise of music in the farmstead after midnight;

    - in case of injury of a customer or his/her children; or in case of damage of his/her own property due to violation of safe behaviour, fire prevention or inside rules, the service provider shall not take any responsibility;
    - the main customer (responsible person of a group) shall be responsible to inform other guests with the rules thereof;
    - the customers shall be obliged to take responsibility for any other accidents, which may appear in the farmstead, staircase, sauna, yard, bathtub, children playground, sports grounds, swimming in the lake, canoe tour, riding a bike and other places;
    - the guests shall take the responsibility for accidents and their outcomes due to the use of alcohol and drugs;

    - parents and foster-parents (supervising adults) shall be responsible for the children safety in the sandbox, jumping on a trampoline, climbing children playhouse, playing with a ball or in any other activity.

    Responsibility of the owners:

    - The owners of the farmstead or their authorised persons (with regard to the order established by Law on Rural Tourism of the Republic of Lithuania) shall be responsible for the quality of service.

    - The service provider („Barškuliai“ farmstead) shall not be responsible for the accidents, health disorders, lost or left personal belongings of customers.

    It is forbidden to:

    - smoke in the premises (there are special places for smoking);

    -litter in the territory of a farmstead: throw packing or food leftover;

    - damage farmstead property;

    - swim intoxicated with alcohol or drugs;

    - use narcotic materials;

    - allow to swim children or teenagers alone without supervision;

    - disturb quietness of other people.


    Dear guests!

    Please keep the fire prevention rules:

    It is forbidden to:

    - smoke in all premises;

    - throw cigarettes and cigarette-ends not into special places;

    - make fire in any other, but not special places;

    - allow children to make fire or play with fire;

    - leave fire unattended; when leaving the fire-place must be extinguished;

    - sit or climb on the balcony trails;

    Do not take to your room any materials, which may cause fire.

    Try to remember places for escape.

    Remember the place of fire-extinguisher. The fire-extinguisher is under the staircase, near the entrance.

    First-aid kit is near the fire-extinguisher

    In case of a fire in a house:

    -immediately inform the fire-brigade by the telephone number 112;

    -if you are unable to extinguish fire location on your own, leave the room and close the door without locking;

    - inform the owners about the fire immediately;

    - leave the dangerous area and act according to the orders of the owners of firemen.

    These rules are established to ensure the order and protect you, as well as avoid unpleasant misunderstandings and painful outcomes.

    We wish you good time and rest in our farmstead!
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